Lingkar Keadilan Ruang/Circle for Justice of Ecological Space (short: RUANG) was officially registered in 2023. We established RUANG as a legal entity in the fifth year of our collective work. We began with organising study groups, discussion forums, and campaigns, focusing on critical ecology, self-sufficiency, solidarity and art activism. All of which constitutes RUANG’s ongoing activities.

Our method starts with understanding the local context. We are aware of the gap between the actual conditions of the communities we work with and how they are treated as “locals = cheap labour” in tourist destinations, industrial areas, and so on. Therefore, we aim to facilitate dialogue over reeducation, which also gives us a way to consciously unpack knowledge that has been imposed for generations. Our goal is to collectively improve the quality of life together, free from exploitation in ways that promote sustainability.

Our Team

Alvin Tiara Elsya Putri

Bambang Muryanto

Berlina Maulidyah

Bintang Hanggono

Himawan Kurniadi

Kurniawan Pujianto

Nandra Eko Nugroho

Pitra Hutomo

Reza Egis

Toto Sudiarjo

Viky Arthiando

Yesaya Sandang

Let’s Work Together